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The Døle horse is the largest of the Norwegian native breeds. Dølehesten is a light draught horse, has also been called the Gudbrandsdals horse and the East Country Horse denoting the area where the breed originally came from.

As early as 1870 the dølehorse type was established - the heavier type being preferred. Veikle Balder 4 is to be considered the founding father of this breed. Interestingly enough on his sires who is descended from the thoroughbred stallion Odin by Partisan. Veikle Balder 4 is the first state owned stallion to og with mares in mountain pastures of Heimdalen  and Sikkilsdalen. In size, the dølehorse range from about 145 - 155 cm. (14.1 - 15.3 hands). The movements should be active and free in all 3 gaits. The overall impression should be one of a real quality, small draught horse.

The Dølehorse population (2002) has about 4000 registered, where about 175 foals are registered yearly. The Døle horse is to be found thorough out the country although the majority is still found in the East of Norway.

Landslagets aim is to promote the breeding and use of dølehorses in Norway, and make the breed known in other parts of the world. The Dølehorse does not have many examples outside of Norway, only a few are registered in Sweden (Nordsvenske).


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