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National Association for the Dole horse aims through purebred breeding to promote the breed's character, preserve its uniqueness and diversity, and breed a healthy and functional horse. Dole horse is a strong built, quiet and robust work and leisure horse with versatile features. The breeding standard contributes to a breeding which results in a Dole horse adapted to future demand and use, while ensuring long-term management of the population.

Governing breeding goals: Dole horse should prove strong built with good body conditions, the distinct sex character good legs, free movement, honest, not to mention having a quiet and good temper. It must be willing to work and have good progress. It is desirable to have a lot of hair. A good individual shall have the radiance of strength and kindness, which, together with the harmonic body makes Dole horse beautiful. The Dole horse is longer than it is tall, and should generally be within the range of 148-155 cm. But it is not uncommon to find the type of good individuals who deviate from this, if they are otherwise typical.

Tangle Tree Ranch was the home of the first dole horses in USA, visit their website: Dole horses in America